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Tennis is a sport played almost all over the world and everything that involves this passionate sport is in the hands of those who wish to break new frontiers.

KIRMAYR WAY is a sector of KIRMAYR TENNIS EXPERIENCE that takes tennis players of all skill levels and ages to carry out incredible experiences in Brazil and abroad.


Kirmayr way


KIRMAYR WAY UNIVERSITY is a sector of the company dedicated to the placement of young people in American universities through sports and academic scholarships.

Here are some essential actions of Kirmayr Way University:

  • Contact with universities abroad, established according to the agrément with the family.

  • Formatting the student’s Presentation Curriculum.

  • Editing and finalizing student presentation videos to be sent to American universities.

  • Negotiation with American universities.

  • Presentation of proposals that are sent by universities to students and parents.

  • Complete guidance for students on the documents to be translated for future sending to universities.

  • Complete guidance for sending presentation material and student documents to American universities.

  • Orientation regarding dates, bureaucracy and specific activities for the student’s family

  • Monitoring the student after going to the American university.

Kirmayr way


Kirmayr Way Travel is a sector of KIRMAYR TENNIS EXPERIENCE that conducts thematic trips for tennis enthusiasts, allowing everyone to have an awesome experience combining tours, tour to universities in the USA, shopping and tour to real tennis temples in the world.

The biggest success of the last seasons which has taken place repeatedly year after year is KIRMAYR FLORIDA TOUR, with a program that pleases tennis players and everyone who enjoys a trip among friends with the pleasant company of Carlos and Cecília Kirmayr.

Usually KIRMAYR FLORIDA TOUR consists of the following schedule: 

  • American universities Tour

  • Youth tournament competition

  • USTA headquarters Tour, with 106 tennis courts.

  • Shopping

  • Theme parks in Orlando




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